The Plugable HDMI to VGA adapter that is active offers a much needed connect to the last.

With old monitors and projectors with only a VGA input, but your fancy new computer is missing a VGA output, this cable can solve the problem without the need of a large adapter or bulky converter if you find yourself. Our HDMI to VGA converter cable provides a straightforward solution that is active linking your older monitors to more recent computer systems.

This HDMI to VGA is definitely a cable that is active. The difference between active and passive adapters determines whether or not too adapter is wonderful for your preferences. If you attempt to create an HDMI cable up up to a VGA monitor utilizing passive adapters (an adapter without any chipset inside it), or utilizing numerous adapters, like incorporating an HDMI to DVI adapter in addition to a DVI to VGA adapter to ultimately achieve the HDMI to VGA transformation, you most likely won’t be successful using this setup. That is because of HDMI being truly a signal that is digital whereas VGA is an analog sign. Our Plugable HDMI to VGA active adapter cable is constructed with an interior CH7101A Chipset, letting you link your HDMI laptop computer up to a VGA projector or monitor.

Please be aware that VGA is certainly not with the capacity of holding a sound sign, plus the adapter cable will likely not transfer sound.


    • HDMI to VGA
    • Active cable
    • 6ft 1.8m this is certainly( size
    • Durable PVC Vinyl cable
    • Original cable design that is flat
    • Aids a resolution that is maximum of x 1080 (60Hz)
    • CH7101A Chipset

Into the Box HDMI to VGA cable



The chart above is a listing of understood appropriate products with your HDMI-VGA cable, them to this chart as we test more devices we’ll add. Us know at if you have an HDMI-VGA cable that works with a device not listed here, please let.

Will there be a recommended purchase which is why end regarding the cable should first be connected?

For most useful outcomes, plug within the end that is VGA of cable to your display just before plugging within the HDMI end to your production unit.

Does the cable permit both HDMI to VGA and VGA to HDMI?

No, the Plugable active HDMI to VGA cable is really a street that is one-way. It links within one way, from the HDMI production to a VGA input.

After plugging into the adapter cable, I’m no more hearing sound playback through my system. Exactly why is this, and exactly how do it is fixed by me?

Often Windows will switch the playback unit to your HDMI slot whenever it detects an HDMI cable linked, just because that cable is not in a position to send noise. There’s a Windows environment that may be changed making sure that sound will continue steadily to play throughout your computer speakers. The settings modification should only have to be manufactured as soon as.

Aided by the HDMI-VGA cable plugged in the system, we’ll replace the playback that is preferred establishing to share with Windows to utilize the pc speakers as opposed to trying to output over HDMI. These pages has an excellent guide that is quick where in fact the environment is available (the method must be practically exactly the same for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10).

Does the HDMI to VGA cable help HDCP?

No, the Plugable HDMI that is active to cable will not help HDCP content.

The cable can not work with my HDMI unit.

The Plugable active HDMI to VGA cable requires a driven HDMI slot, unfortunately the HDMI driven slot criteria aren’t commonly complied with, therefore it is device-dependent whether or not the HDMI to VGA cable works precisely.