South Carolina Woman Shot and Killed at Birthday Party

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The life of a bright young woman with her whole future stretching out in front of her was cut tragically short when she was shot and killed at a South Carolina Gardens birthday party.

Shortly after graduating from Nova Southeastern University, 23-year-old Alexandra Dean decided to attend a party. No one dreamed that the young woman who planned on becoming a nurse would become the victim of a shooting while she was there.

Her mother, Pauline Dean struggles to come to terms with the loss of her young daughter. “I had that child when I was 44 years old. When I was an old lady. So it’s like a friend, a companion, a confidant, everything. And I was so proud of her. I was surprised when they told me she was at a birthday party and they had guns.”


The unexpected death of her daughter come on the heels of another tragedy. When Dean received word that her daughter had been killed, Mrs. Dean was in Jamaica handling the funeral of her father who had recently passed away.

Mrs. Dean is still stunned that her daughter even decided to attend the party. It simply wasn’t the kind of event she would normally go to. She is working hard on trying to forgive the person who gunned down her daughter, but it isn’t easy.

“Someone had the nerve to take my child from me. I wish they would be man enough to come and say, ‘I did it. I’m sorry.’ Every time I look at her picture it hurts way down here. There’s a hole in there. I don’t think it will ever be filled.”

When they learned of Dean’s death, Nova Southeastern University, where Dean had only just graduated from, promptly scheduled a vigil in her honor. They have also arranged for students and members of the faculty who knew Dean and who are struggling to come to terms with her death to take advantage of on campus counseling and grieving sessions.

Local police who responded to the shooting don’t believe that anyone intended for Dean to be shot, that she was an innocent bystander who happened to be in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time. At this time the authorities don’t have much to go on and are encouraging anyone who has any information at all about the shooting to contact them.

The church where Alexandra Dean was a member, the New Beginning Missionary Baptist Church, is also getting involved in the investigation.

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Eric Readon, the current pastor announced that they were offering a reward in the hopes that it will encourage someone to step forward and provide the information needed to close this case.

“We’re raising the reward $1,000. We’re going to keep sending a message to her killer that we’re going to continuously put it up until this killer stops.”

Joe and Martin,  which specializes in personal injury cases, was horrified to learn about the incident and hopes Dean’s killer is caught. “I can only imagine the kind of pain her mother is in. I hope the police get the information needed to help them find the shooter, and that seeing them brought to justice will give her mother some peace of mind.” You should know your rights at any given time in case you get stuck in this kind of unpleasant situation and you should get your justice, that is guaranteed by United States of America.