If any, i am going to rinse down with a yard hose to dilute any battery acid that is remaining. Then when I am pleased the location is clean, i shall allow dry then apply a corrosion therapy to coating the framework.

this may help counterbalance the corrosion that is continued that is inevitable. That is one design that is major having an EZGO that individuals shy far from – Steel frame – vs the Club automobile Aluminum Frame design.

New batteries go in

Next i shall start to install the brand new batteries, and reconnect the battery pack cables with their particular places. After performing this i shall additionally use a corrosion preventative to your terminal connections for each battery that is individual.

Battery Acid-Natural Elements-Corrosion Preventative- BatteryPete.com Golf Cart Battery Bank Installation-Application of Corrosion Preventative- BatteryPete.com

This can help deter elements that are nature’s environment in and producing in pretty bad shape or making for bad connections in the long run.


Well this about wraps up the hassle free process of replacing the tennis cart batteries in your Ezgo golf cart. When you yourself have any concerns or doubts take a moment to give us a call plus one of our downline could be more than happy to resolve the questions you have.

Til the next time… Power On…

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5 reactions to “How To Do yours Ezgo Golf Cart Battery Installation”

I simply bought an Ez go txt cart with no batteries. This is beneficial to understand what to consider whenever starting up batteries that are new the help framework. Mine is pretty rusted out and my instinct that is first was replace with aluminum. After scanning this I think I’m in the track that is right.

How can you understand what type is battery pack and negative, because there is no apparent red and black colored cables like an automobile? Simply learning.

Roxanne – thank you for the inquiry. Okay fundamental battery pack designs right right here. You will always go positive to negative for a series connection or system which is how all golf carts are wired… if you where to string two or twenty batteries together. Therefore being all things considered batteries are linked you’re going to be left with one end open on two batteries that are different One positive and something negative. This is your negative and positive many termination and can have either 36 volts, 48 volts or 72 volts contained in the job. Will depend on exactly how numerous batteries are strung together and exactly exactly what the voltage of each and every battery pack. Example 6x 6 volt batteries = 36v, 8x 6 volt batteries = 48v, 6x 8 volt batteries = 48v, 6x 12 volt batteries = 72v

Placed new batteries in my ergo 36v every thing went well but when we examined the voltage at two open ends I experienced no voltage on my voltmeter . Hooked the cables up cart appeared to back run find and ahead. I don’t want to run it until I get my 36volt at the connection. Any a few ideas of the things I should always asian date review check? Many thanks

Dan – Many Many Thanks for the inquiry. In the event that cart is operating following the battery swap you hooked it precisely. Or even it can maybe perhaps not run. Therefore being the cart is obtaining the 36 volts plus expected to run. Most likely the volt meter is bad, or often possesses 9 volt alkaline battery pack within the relative straight back could possibly be dead. Or simply maybe perhaps not placing the pins regarding the right terminals…. In the event that you locations to string two or twenty batteries together you can expect to constantly get good to negative for a string connection or system which can be just how all tennis carts are wired…. Therefore being in the end batteries are linked you’ll be kept with one end available on two batteries that are different One positive plus one negative. This is your negative and positive many termination and can have 36 volts or better contained in the application.