Sitters hard to locate as farmers seek holiday time

Some farmers vacation that is taking taken fully to calling farm sitters to l k over their house.

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Dee Dee Golberg brushes away some mud through the coat on a year-old mustang that rolled around within the dirt. (Photo Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Purchase Picture

It’s hard enough to find anyone to feed the dog while you’re on vacation.

But what if you’ve got 100 cows or perhaps a slew of goats, birds and pigs?

That’s where farm sitting, or doing a farmer’s daily chores, comes into play — plus it’s not easy to get qualified, dependable assistance today.

It’s nearly impossible, said Mike Hellenbrand who owns City Slickers farm near Cross Plains.

He and their wife, Linda, raise several hundred dairy calves, with some of those attempting to sell for 1000s of dollars due to their genetics that are prized.

The Hellenbrands would demand a high level of trust in someone before letting them run the farm for even a few days with their livestock and livelih d at stake.

It’s for a day or a night,” Mike said“If you do find somebody.

He and Linda just take separate trips through the farm making sure that one of them is obviously house. That’s quite a vary from their earlier lives if they lived in nyc, on the fl r that is 17th of Manhattan high-rise, and were married in Central Park.

Now they’re residing their imagine being farmers, even with a few downsides.

“It’s impossible for all of us to together get away,” Mike stated.

Dee Dee Golberg and her husband, Jeff, run Spirit Horse Equine save in Janesville. Despite having volunteers they never leave the farm for longer than a hours that are few. Finding help to farm stay is hard for farmers. (Picture Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

That heard this before to Dee Dee and Jeff Golberg who run Spirit Horse Equine save near Janesville.

Their farm has 30 horses including some that require extra attention because they’ve result from wild horse roundups or backgrounds that are abusive. Read more