3 Reasons You’re Staying Up far too late (and just how to give up Doin’ Them) pt.2

Solution number 3

If you’re reasoning about one thing which you have control over and in actual fact requires an action from you (apologizing to a pal, speaking with your employer about an extension), jot down 3 action things you can do 24 hours later. That it happened and that you’ve learned something from the experience if it’s something you no longer have control over (something that happened a long time ago, an embarrassing moment), the only thing you can do is to accept. Concentrate on the present moment because that’s all we’re ever going to possess.

Reason Three: You’re Inspired or Have A deadline

The Issue

You’ve come up with this specific epic idea for a new article or project, and also you don’t would you like to forget any tips so that you keep working to the wee hours associated with evening. Read more