A Frog within the Fjord. The way the Corona will influence your life that is dating in

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Let’s face it, online online online dating in Norway had not been so easy in the first place. The tall masculine yet friendly app sensitive-looking men with really cut beards, muscle tissue and long blond tresses you fantasised on scarcely occur in true to life. These days except for this guy Lasse Matberg, who personifies everything about the Viking male fantasy. The high blond Scandinavian ladies you imagined sunlight washing their particular lengthy blond locks in areas and seeking at you along with their icy blue-eyes and whispering “You look therefore powerful” are in fact saying “This will not work, you’re also short”.

Yep, truth strikes you within the face whenever going to Norway: you find out quickly enough that however pretty you might find them, they are not from the same dating culture (call it Latin culture, traditional or just macho culture) if you are into men,. Read more