This component is clear as time. If any tasks you are doing on flow are up against the legislation, you may be prohibited from Twitch for them.

Twitch runs in a grey area where they appear to avoid enforcing this guideline on weed cigarette smokers unless it crosses some form of undefined line. The TOS is super though that is clear. If Twitch chooses they wish to ban you for smoking weed, they could.

This logic that is same, as an example, to jaywalking during an IRL flow. Jaywalking, in other words. crossing the road when it is banned for legal reasons, is completely prevalent in several towns around America. If your streamer theoretically is jaywalking on flow, they most likely wouldn’t enter difficulty — but when they stumble upon a busy highway and almost destroy on their own, they may get prohibited. It’s a grey area that enables Twitch to ban “problem users” while additionally enabling individuals to pull off it under reasonable circumstances. This is sold with the expense of making it possible for corruption (for example. one streamer being addressed differently than another by moderation staff)

The next appropriate area of the TOS: “To the extent that is fullest allowed by relevant legislation, Twitch reserves the best, without warning as well as in our single discernment, to end your permit to utilize the Twitch Services (including to create individual Content), and also to block or stop your future access to and make use of of the Twitch Services”

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