Reaction: Rebillard on Bremmer on Rebillard, Greek and Latin Narratives in regards to the Ancient Martyrs

I must point out one erroneous and at least two tendentious statements that misrepresent my work though I am grateful to Jan Bremmer for his review.

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The erroneous declaration is the immediate following: “Rebillard has just eleven texts (in most situations, We have counted the many texts concerning the exact same martyr(s) as you Act), all dating from before 260, as ‘by 300 there clearly was a genre that both writers and visitors identify as martyr narrative (21)’, a declaration that’s not sustained by any argument.” I really do perhaps perhaps not contend that the texts that I selected for book date from before 260. Rather, the declaration excerpted by Bremmer from p. 21 describes why We selected just narratives about Christians executed before 260. Read more