Survivors of Boating Crash Contact Boating Accident Attorney

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Boating accidents are often tragic, and this particular incident was no less so. Shawna Cortez contacted a boating accident John Bales Attorneys, after losing her father, Shawn Cortez and stepmother, Cheryl Cortez, in a terrible crash. The two were on a fishing trip, when their boat hit a tree that was floating in the waterway. The accident was the result of negligence on the part of those responsible for caring for the waterways. It could have easily been avoided.

a1Mr. Cortez had been piloting the boat and died instantly after striking the floating tree. The accident happened while traveling at normal speeds, under normal conditions, and while making a common maneuver around a bend in a canal, on the Bayou Chevreuil. The tree was not visible to Mr. and Mrs. Cortez, until it was too late.

Since these actions occurred under normal boating conditions, Shawna, the couple’s daughter, chose to contact an experienced boating accident attorney to pursue legal action for a wrongful death. She is seeking financial compensation for the damage that the boat suffered, as well as the many other costs that were incurred as a result of this tragedy. These other costs include mental suffering on the part of the survivors, as well as costs associated with funeral arrangements. Each situation is different, and costs can differ depending on the parties involved. In many instances, the survivors feel a sense of guilt that cannot be repaired by monetary restitutions. However, the loss of work they suffer while dealing with depression and grief, can be repaired financially.

Oftentimes, when these tragedies strike, people are not thinking of financial restitution. There are many cases that could have gone to court and won. However, the surviving victims were too distraught to seek the necessary legal action that would make a court case possible. Despite the circumstances, it is always a good idea to contact an attorney that is qualified to handle boating accidents as soon as possible. A good lawyer will help get the wheels of justice moving on your behalf.

Boating accidents can be especially dangerous, not to mention unusually gruesome. The dangers of boating are severe enough, and they can be further enhanced when public waterways are not kept in the shape that they need to be for normal boating to occur.

By signing up for a boating license, and by registering your boat with the government, you have essentially entered into a contract with the government. Your end of the bargain is that you will learn how to properly navigate your watercraft, and you promise to follow all boating procedures. The government’s end of the bargain is that they will keep all navigable waters ways clean to ensure the safety of all its users.

It may seem as though no one is to blame for the boating accident that killed Shawna’s parents. However, since the government assumes control of these water ways and enforces the laws associated with them, they must also maintain them. Shawna was right to contact a boating accident attorney. Contact skilled legal counsel to learn your legal rights concerning your boating accident. If you are interested in more details about this case, visit